The Devil in Us

The vicious devil dwells in us as a DESIRE

Craving for money and power, flare as wildfire

Making one egocentric and ready to conspire

Filling life with sins, preventing one from rising higher


The destructive devil dwells in us as an ANGER

Abruptly blinds our thinking leading us to danger

If we have no control over, it will linger in us longer

Draining our health leading to relationship cancer


The delusive devil dwells in us as an IGNORANCE

Covering our intellectual capacity, stopping us to enhance

Our knowledge of truth through which peace we embrace

Makes us dull, poor, low self-esteem and indecisive trance


The detrimental devil dwells in us as an ARROGANCE

Distancing us from loved ones with an invisible fence

Destroying relationship with a harsh and arrogant stance

Making us less prudent, dominated by our overconfidence


The self-burning devil dwells in us as a JEALOUSY

The weaver of cunning thought without mercy

Makes one drown deeply into the agony of fallacy

If not avoided, stays in us as a transcendental legacy



                                                                                         ~Deepak Raj Chetri 


One Comment

  1. Very well written. It’s true our downfall depends on these negative qualities that can reduce us into ash.