Month: November 2020


Your Promises…

It is Your Promises … That calms my life It gives peace to my troubled hearts.   You are my strength In times of my weaknesses My shield to the storms of life When I can no longer fought   You are my refuge To my restless soul Your love […]


Youth and Money

Youth and money are the ornamental things Which can be wielded for a long time if they are wantoned away advertently. If quidam wants to frivol them away like greased lightning, Then it’s very easy strategy, Youth languishes in the vast libido. Money dissipates with unduly lofty longing, forgetting the […]



In my twilight zone, at the edge of horizon, I simply glance back to face my demons, Which often haunt me and envision angels, Whose mere glimpse summons joy in tons   I see rainbows in myriad vibrant shades, Purple, blue, pink, indigo and scarlet, A grayish tinge intermittently appears, […]


मुश्किल तो बस

तमगा लगाना कितना आसान होता है ना बस मुंह खोला और बोल दिया कुछ भी, कभी भी, कहीं भी, किसी के बारे में भी.   परिस्थितियाँ किसकी कैसी हैं हम देखना नहीं चाहते स्थितियों की जटिलता को हम समझना नहीं चाहते.   किसने क्या झेला है किसने क्या सहा है […]


Science is Suspect When It Relies Upon Politics

by Mark Antony Rossi For nearly a hundred years we have been bombarded with the mantra “if only science can be freed from religion it could achieve the highest benefits for humanity.” Meanwhile during this theological untangling Science climbed in bed with politics and the bastardization of facts have taken […]