Month: November 2020


Story of Indians for Democracy

by Vinod Narayanan The Indian diaspora all over the world are keen on the happenings in India and always keep emotional content towards their motherland or land of origin. From the colonial times of India itself, the organizations such as Gadharites movement, India independence committee, and such others were formed […]


Thrombosis in Space

by Milind Mukkamala, Raina Singhal, Priya Lokasundaram, The GTF Group Introduction We are the members of the Global Thrombosis Forum (GTF, is a nonprofit organization that is an affiliate of North American Thrombosis Forum (NATF, GTF tries to spread awareness on the deadly condition of thrombosis. We achieve […]


Into the Dream

Beautiful butterflies fluttering around my introspective terrains Wake up they whispered into my ears splendidly in caressing tones One of them turned into a beautiful soul I have ever dreamed of It took my hands amidst the milieu of the dawn to unveil the precious Couldn’t believe I was flying […]