Sometimes I prefer life’s journey reversal

To compensate so many unachieved desire

Body not permitting with age also in denial

To patch up  many imperfections leftover,


How do I find lost days in adolescence

Running on half pant over football ground

Playing inside paddy alley no adherence

Days of thrills and laughter then abound,


On downpour, if classes closed all of sudden

Myself Sabir D’sa walked drenched to the lake

Slipped  on sharp pebbles bruised with pain

Indomitable our spirits, never felt at stake;


Bygone moments  in life never to return

In blackhole of Time for nobody’s concern.


                                                                  ~Shyamal Mukhopadhyay 

                                                                              Nagpur, India

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  1. Nostalgically nice.