Dependence is No Party

by Mark Antony Rossi

Spin it any way you want there’s no poetry in murder. Nor is there any freedom in Dependence. And whenever a political party is selling you free stuff, ask yourself this, who’s really paying for this stuff and how will this affect my life — for the good and for the bad.

The typical reply to paying for all this stuff is we are going to make rich people and corporations pay their fair share. The problem with this recycled claim is it never works. Its adherents never tell the public that rich people and multinational corporations can easily transfer vast amounts of capital offshore and away from tax-hiking politicians.

Once this happens, as it always does, those same politicians start taxing whoever is left: the middle class. The very same people they just promised all this free stuff. Apparently, the facts are quite clear —-it’s not free nor it is the wisest use of tax dollars. The promoters of these wondrous programs also fail to mention that private business; not government is what stimulates and grows an economy.

How much sense does it make to tax people mercilessly to finance these “free” things only to find out there no new jobs being created. The cruel irony is rich people and corporations make up a large share of new employment for college graduates. But once these forces head for the hills — who will create jobs?

It won’t be small business. They always get hurt in these “make them pay their fair share crusades.” Plus if we are being honest with ourselves we are not sending our kids to get degrees and work in a bakery or do electrical work at the YMCA.

Living in a Democratic Republic means Freedom is granted but paid for by those who selflessly serve their country. The freedom we experience is meant to continue a culture that permits personal choice rather than your decisions made by a government expecting compliance as it pushes dependence. It behooves the average citizen to seriously consider the nature of governmental dependence.

What a government can “give” for free like a college education or healthcare it can also take away and use as a method of population control and absolute political obedience.

Your personal information perhaps your destiny might fall into the hateful hands of political sycophants more interested in your allegiance to the government proper than your motions on how nuclear energy is environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive per electric watt versus expensive poisonous battery storage stations which are necessary to hold the pittance of power captured by wind and solar collection devices.

What is the true cost of “free” education when the wiz-bang jobs won’t be there when you graduate. When your brilliant ideas are ignored by a government that is incapable of listening to anything outside the party line. When your neighbors leverage their daughter getting a kidney faster from the waiting list by reporting your anti-government thoughts. The ones you casually blurted out at last night’s basketball game.

Fostering dependence as a political philosophy is a failed concept throughout history. Its latest example, Venezuela, adopted dependence through a strongman who convinced the richest country in South America to let the government run their lives. Run business. Run education. Run healthcare. In twenty years it went from richest to poorest county in the Hemisphere. Last week reports of cannibalism were denied by the government with the same false language it uses to pretend its brutal police are not beating mother’s crying in the streets as their children starve from lack of food.

Sponsoring dependence is a cruel trick by those only interested in maximizing THEIR power at YOUR expense. In a free society, individuals matter and are not sacrificed for the collective good. In a free society, ideas matter and are not abolished to support the prevailing narrative. In a free society, plumbers deserve as much respect as tenured professors. In a free society, we understand dependence is no party. Dependence is a weak foundation unable to support fair play and ingenuity the two essential ingredients that fuel dreamers and inventors to build brand new industries.

Only in an environment that fosters freedom and respects independence do citizens sleep at night knowing their children have a viable future. We can rest comfortably knowing the front door is safe from the commissars of dependence. For these faithless fanatics seek to punish people because they trust God and free thought more than the impractical plans of utopian cowards. It takes courage to live your life by making your own decisions. Let no man or machine stand in our way.

About the Author: 

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. He also hosts a podcast called Strength to be Human.

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