Agony in Solitude

Alone in solitude,

Longing from the past.

Days I haven’t surpassed,

Confusion and doubts I skewed.


How I devalued myself.

From the ill mistakes of the past.

I am not strong enough, I told thyself.

Voluminous mockeries within I asked.


My agonizing pain in solitude,

Have grown like ghost in multitude.

I felt the burden burrowing.

Unto my soul so deep within surfacing.


Why should I suffer?

From this battle so tougher.

Tears flowing from mountain of regrets,

I should have tried and cast away my fears.


I need to take this opportune time,

My solitude, I must contemplate to be renewed.

Committing mistakes isn’t a crime.

I must ponder with gratitude and with fortitude.


Now, alone still reflecting,

I have unburdened my thoughts, my being.

I am His wondrous loving creation,

From the murky past, I can have great vision.


                                                                     ~ Rosella Dacquel



  1. huge thanks po Indian Periodical for publishing! More power to this amazing platform!

  2. © Chukwuma chika ocm

    Is so bad we become prisoner in our own shell
    Great one from you ma’am ❤️? ?

  3. Agony in solitude.. Reflects the thought process of an individual, coming to terms regarding a mistake committed.
    Mistakes and Failurescate the stepping stones of success..
    Until wecrealise this, our mind ponders over the spilled milk in regret and keeps on reminding us that the mistake should not have happened..

    The poet takes you to a journey of growth if the mind,becoming more mature and handling the mistake dine and looking forward to correct it and find solutions.
    The agony of going through the pain has been very well expressed poetically by the poet herself.
    With expressive and thought provoking words, the poem has come out well for the intended pursuit.

  4. Huge thanks dear Milind Jalihal and Chukwuma Chika Ocm.

    Well appreciated your great comments