Life Finds a Way

Living is seldom facile

It is too much of a hassle

Sometimes things turn dark

The bleakness stands stark

Things are often dismal

Wish it wasn’t so abysmal.

Darkness wasn’t meant to stay

Can we make it go away?

Bleakness is not our friend

Every second is ours to defend.

The sky is cloudy and grey.

Instead of going astray,

Think about the aftermath

and the rainbows crossing the path.

In Autumn, the leaves fall

Yet, the trees stand proud and tall.

Come spring, they grow again

And give us flowers with no restrain.

When things go wrong,

Remember they don’t stay that way for long,

When it feels morose and dour

Think about spring’s bright colour.

There is always brightness

at the end of the tunnel, just progress

It can be desolate and sullen

Don’t forget to smile now and then

Life will always find a way

To spread some joy every day.


                                                              ~ Urmilla Kannuswamy 

                                                                  New Hampshire, USA

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  1. Very well written. It boosts positive outlook.