Our Country, Right or Wrong

by Mark Antony Rossi

Never in my lifetime have I seen my country, the United States, in such an upheaval over matters we continue to struggle as a nation. But I unlike many of my countrymen have traveled around the world extensively and I know for a fact that in the areas of poverty, racism, opportunity, yes, even sexism, the United States has the world beat.

Ask any African seeking to immigrate to America if they worry about people judging them for their skin color. You will get a surprising answer: No. America is not without its problems which include a real measure of racism, a police force that could use some common-sense reforms, cities dominated by one party who cannot ever seem to balance their budgets, educate their children or protect their citizenry from harm.

But the months of outrage in a number of our major cities (Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York) are no longer the province of protestors. The people protesting showed up in March. It is now September and these are clearly identified criminals roaming the streets, burning buildings, looting stores, blinding police with laser beams, and destroying public property. A large number of them, judging by the arrest records, are paid vandals transported from other areas to cause as much damage as possible. These actions are not defined within free speech in a democracy. These are the makings of organized domestic terrorism.

The media-drunk organizations that have sprung up like a morbid alphabet-soup of sickness (BLM, ANTIFA) stand for the very opposite they claim to defend. You cannot decry racism while at the same time shouting anti-white, anti-Semitic, and yes, even anti-black epithets at those who declined to be identified with this wholesale hypocrisy. Destroying statues. Burning police stations. Looting stores have absolutely nothing to do with solving racism or reforming police behavior. In fact, these actions demand more police presence; not less. Again opposite actions for a supposed peaceful message.

Nobody honestly knows the outcome of the coming Presidential election but many believe, including this writer, that America will face regional insurrection and the higher possibility of a limited Civil War. Fifty years of Civil Rights have effectively been reversed in five months. Perhaps the civility that came from the 1960’s legislation was just in our minds. And we never truly got to know one another. What I am certain about is this cycle of violence will be stopped by martial if not military means. Our Republic will not be in danger due to its flaws but rather due to its inaction to protect individuals and institutions from the excesses of political objectors who favor another form of government.

Any other nation would have crushed these criminals without thinking twice. We tried to reason. No other nation on earth has gone as far as America to right past wrongs to its Native peoples, Black Slave Ancestors, Chinese railroad workers, and Hispanic migrant workers. We deserve credit; not condemnation for owning the responsibility and instituting anti-discrimination laws, minority scholarships, minority-owned business contracts, and the list continues. But this list is not a denial of existing problems but an acknowledgment that America has not been blind to the history or the fact.

As America is constantly challenged with international thorns such as Russia, North Korea, Iran and China, we will not go into that good night believing our values and vaulted system is somehow morally inferior to nations that execute athletes for speaking their minds, or nations that murder people found to be homosexual or nations who assassinate their opponents with a coward’s poison. America still has the mantle of moral and monetary leadership and we have a voice in a world increasingly seeking peace in the most creative manner possible such as the recent Middle East development between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

America will settle its family dispute as all family disputes are settled with blood, sweat, tears and (maybe tear gas in this case) but it will not detract from our historic belief that freedom and liberty deserve a place to call home and that home deserves to be defended at all costs. It is my solemn prayer that our better angels guide our voices to constructive dialogue meant to finally make real progress on national reconciliation. While there is still time there are still words, even inspired by God himself, to activate our souls to move our people forward. My fear is if we squander the time, the violence will end swiftly but violently and this threatens to deepen distrust between all parts of society for another generation. If you love this country, no matter who you are, work towards stopping this outcome. It’s our History. It’s our Flag. It’s our Country – right or wrong.

About the Author:

 Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. He also hosts a podcast called Strength to be Human.


  1. I wholeheartedly endorse your wise precepts and sentiments Mr Mark
    In a democratic country violence of any kind should not be encouraged at any cost

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