O My Love

O my love! Where have you been?

I imagine you day and night

With the burning flame of shine,

Spring has come again

With the smell of thine,

My hands shake at times

When I touch the bottle of wine,

I imagine you day and night

Holding the glass of wine,

The glass is filled with passion

Oozing an appeal to be taken.

What a day it was; in the arms of thine,

Falling apart in the memory of nights.


O my love! Come back

Before I grow old in your eyes,

I imagine you in the bottle of wine

Holding the curves gives me arousal,

I want to feel every bit of vibe

What a day it was when I looked into your eyes!

The eyeball was stuck straight in the castle of dreams

The door was closed for a while,

I imagine you day and night

Love was never a question of sign

In the middle of the night,

I am getting old, grumbling at the wine.


O my love! Where have you been?

It’s time to unite in the darkness of night,

The sparkling wine is giving me dizzy effect

You and me, in the galaxy of universe,

You have become the shooting star of my life

Burning for the love of my shine,

Come back once, to fill the gap in my arms

I want to smell your tangled hair,

Expect the one dancing on the red lips

Making me stunned with the beauty of thine,

Have I grown old in your eyes?

In a tangled tale of ours.

O my love! Come back


                                                             ~ Bhavya Prabhakar

                                                             Gurgoan, India

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  1. Excellent way to put your love across.