Even When I Fail

Even when I fail

I’ll stand and take learnings from the past

Because I want to succeed

I’ll make some right move.

Even when I fail

I won’t feel regret

Or even bitterness

I will remain hopeful.

Even when I fail

I’ll never quit nor stop

Because quitters never win

And I don’t wanna be a loser.

Even when I fail

I’ll take some courage

And accept all challenges

That in time will lead me to success!


                                                                      ~ Juvylyn Gando

                                                                         QC, Philippines


  1. Nice maam walang pagsubok ang hnd malulutas lahat my paraan..just pray always????

  2. Congratulations ??? Mam Juvy

  3. Nice one

  4. You are one of the women who is focused and posses enough strength to move ahead in life.
    You have never given up and you will not give up in future too.

  5. ❤️


    If we want to succeed let us accept all challenges there’s a fail but that fail will be the way to the next step to be a successful …………

  7. Gratz maam juvy

  8. Congratulations again, my dear friend. Strong determination will lead you to achieve your goals and vision in life. Stay inspired and blessed. ?❤?

  9. Lester James G Antonio

    Go Teacher Juv!

  10. Congratulations Mam Juvy!

  11. Nice one ma’am, in my part even I fail I don’t stop I’m trying my best to learn where i fail and push more to try again until I success?

    I’m so proud of you Ma’am Juvylyn Gando

  12. Rebecca F. Bermudez

    Very inspiring!!! Congratulations Ma’am Poetess Juvylyn Gando

  13. Congrats Ma’am Juvy! Keep on!❤️❤️❤️

  14. Beautiful and heartfelt poem. Congratulations Ma’am Juvy!