An Unfinished Dream

As the rain clouds moved apart

Mother birds flew in search of food

But one mother wept in the skies

She had left her dears alone.


Strenuous as the job was

She had fought all her life

Looked after them with care

Forgetting herself was her greatest sin.


Revisiting her better days she remembered

Those happy days now left unfinished.

Her dreams now left for them to finish

How lost they were she did not know.


They spend sleepless nights

Waking up as their roof poured with rain

Tackling poverty was their priority

Binding themselves they set to their goal.


Members left them one by one

But she wanted to be first

She could not see them suffer

neither let them be.


Waking up one day to plain whiteness

The blinding light pierced her eyes.

The scene was new but she was aware

Her dream was fulfilled but she was sad?


Her heart broke to hear them cry.

They cried for her,  missed her much.

A happy life would come they thought

When their family would be whole again.


                                                                                                     ~ Ranjana Menon R

                                                                                                             Thrissur, Kerala, India


  1. Great !!! REALLY TOUCHING !!!!

  2. A wonderful piece of work !!!