The Physical Mental Conundrum

Preserved perishables are filed
on the rows of vertical racks.
These sturdy steel racks,
they are almost roof high,
average shoulder broad,
first shelf is at ankle-height.

A number of these steel builds, however arranged,
never complement the space they are placed in.
Or maybe it is ulta (the other way around).
The space is never built to accommodate
aisles of racks.
—   —   —
—   —   —
—   —   —
—   —   —
But uh! That’s the way it is.
The issue with this spatial dissonance
is in distancing self from the others.


Even us log (l-O-g, meaning people)

use spaces where physical distancing is not possible.

Nevertheless, I seek it.

I am not entitled.
In fact, I am trained to adjust.
After all, I am a woman.
It is just that
I can see a way to stay at 6 feet distance
between those aisles.
But many seem to not see it.
Even with the looming risk!
I feel harmed when they are nearer.
I expect them to be mindful.
But they are not.

Maintain 6 feet, please.
So shall I tell them? I don’t know.
I wonder whether is it within my civic right.
Maybe I should adjust here as well.
Or maybe I should join the delinquent herd.
It is scary.

It is conflicting.
Maybe I should just tell them.
For my own selfish safety.

                                                  ~  Sri 
                                                      Bangalore, India


  1. Very much thoughtful Sri..

  2. Good composition and expression

  3. The author has expressed physical and mental conundrum with her clear words. Excellent.

  4. Thank you Poornima @ uncle :)