Month: August 2020


An Injured Bird

My mom was loving, caring and free she flew in woods and over the sea she nested high up on a tall tree with me in the nest, we were three she fed us first, before she flee we lived together with joy and glee.   One day she woke […]


Travel with a Day..

A day, neither so hot nor so cold held me by hand and took me along the shores, drifting with breezes. And showed me its vibrant colours, the ablaze strengths and the drooping valour. On its way, an old man passed by cracked feet, fissured hands, bent shoulders Heavy load […]


My Achievement

I look within when I need to find calmness. I increase my self-awareness through Observations.   I was energized to meet my goals and lost  my compassionate side along the way.   I would like to discover all the hidden faces of affection and would like to change old patterns. […]


The Exams and Ego

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal “We should do to others, what we want for ourselves; in short that is the essence of Dharma”                                                                                                              ~ Vidura, Udyog Parva, Mahabharata  I don’t think our ruling politicians have read much of Mahabharata; in fact, I don’t think they are that read as […]


Are You Here, Listening to Me?

Are you here, listening to me? Is my silence speaking out to you, can you hear my heart pounding? Can you sit me with me while I tell you a little about my dreams, Which keep on sparkling inside me, asking for themselves to be realized? I need space, air, […]



There is endless war going on around the globe, Thousands of innocent lives are torn apart into pieces and turned into ashes, With buildings blown off into dust, By mindless and selfish individuals and leaders in power, Yet, I stand strongly with much hope that the war will end soon. […]


Lockdown Blues

Locked in the house, gazing at the ceiling I daydream, of walking on the seashore Ocean waves crashing at my feet, Like little kisses blown by a child Of walking into meadows, Sun rays hitting the brim of my straw hat Like fireflies dancing around Of little kids in a […]


To Daughter from Mother

When I was a little girl, I was embraced. As they told me God resides in me. My body was cleaned with holy water. When I asked why. I was told, Women are Laxmi and Only holy water can clean her. Then I grew up. I was still embraced. But […]


Wet Memories

Sometimes the whiteness of the cloud taps wet memories. cafes and parks record footfalls that grow long, etching unheard stories in palms.   The morning sun comes out in the sky bird songs are more ritual, more covering than musical rhapsody,   the soft haze, the whisper counts the good […]