Month: August 2020


Sometime’s People…

Sometime’s people change like seasons, For not any specific reasons.   Sometimes people turn out to be a completely different person then what they at first seemed to be, And that’s when their true self we get to see.   Sometimes people hide their true self behind fake masks, To […]



It can crash walls It can rip you, It holds the truth, Yet speaks untrue.   It can deceive, It can lure, It can taint, devour what is pure.   Of all the greatest armaments that the world has known, There is nothing more deadly than The sharp tongue of […]


LIFE as it is

Life, no matter how much you hate it, your love for it is so profound, shows when you want to save it, when you know you will die. Life, it plays hide and seek, making us search for a reason to hold on to it, acting meek it makes us […]


Why we Should Speak Against Lynching

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal In the bombardment of news about death of Sushant Singh Rajput and the “Wunderwaffe” Rafael jets from our News Anchor and Journalists who are known throughout the world for their investigative skills (pun intended), you may not have noticed the story of a man in […]


आज धरा पर है उतरा

आज धरा पर है उतरा मानव के मानस को झिंझोड़ कोई जन्तु विशाल भयानक सा न हाथ पाँव न देह-नयन हिलता है धर धर दानव सा   नभ में उड़ान भर भर छलांग करता है नृत्य,  तांडव सा सब ओर जोर  मच रहा है शोर विस्मृत चकित अब मानव का […]