You, evening of ours, how beautifully your lips tasted;

stars in your unbraided hair spread over still waters like lily pads;

rosy skin like the flesh of a pink grapefruit freshly open.

I still can breathe in your aromas of cherry flavored cigars and sleepless expectations.

Exiled under this oak tree, blue shadows under my eyes,

I think of him waiting for me in that place

where the sky meets the green of the grass and flowers bathe in clear rivers.

Exiled by my own will, lizards running at my feet, I wait for the pain to stop.

It never does.


                                                        ~ Gabriela Marie Milton

                                                        United States


  1. You captured the essence beautifully,great work keep writing.

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  3. Absolutely breathtaking!

  4. Very well written ..challenging .

  5. Love this crazy amounts, Gabriela. Congratulations and Thank You!!! ❤️

  6. Gabriela, your lovely, evocative poem brought back memories of a night more than fifty years ago when I walked in the rain with a boy. We “necked” under an oak tree knowing his girlfriend would return at the end of the summer.

    Congratulations on your publication! <3 Cheryl

  7. Just beautiful! Keep up the great work! <3

  8. Stunning read.

  9. A heart-felt poem. Lovely prose.

    Thank you for reading my post.

    Best wishes
    Joy x