A Teacher

Your parent is your first teacher at home

But there’s a school where potentials can be honed

A venue of learning which is a child-friendly

And the surrounding is inviting you naturally.


Here in school you can learn and have fun at the same time

It is where you meet teachers who are professionals

Ready to teach you and help you feel fine

At times they need help but they really deserved a garland.


These professionals can handle young people with care

They treat students as family and teach them to be fair

All they ever wanted is for kids to learn and be kind

Thus, teachers really work hard so that no one will be left behind.


I am a teacher and I’m proud to be

But this pandemic time is a tough reality

That we also need to surpassed some difficulty

Stand for what we oath to be and Use the power of our flexibility.


                                                                                          ~ Juvylyn Gando

                                                                                          Quezon City, Philippines


  1. Marvelous ink. Well penned Ms. Gando.
    Salute to our first Teachers and Parents and Salute to all Teachers who sacrifice their time and effirt for the better future ofour children.

  2. Well written. A simple language, easy to understand and very vivid meaning.

  3. Wonderful, this explicitly depict role of teachers. Teachers are the second parents but who show more concern to others children over their own.
    They spend more time with other’s children than with theirs.
    Its inspiring

  4. Salute to all the teacher out their.
    Teaching is the noble profession.
    Name all the profession. TEACHER made them all.

  5. Estrella R. Pangan

    Congratulations mam!!!

  6. Wow! I love it.
    I am not a teacher in the school now… But i am still a teacher to my children and even to some kids around. To all Teachers…. Keep on teaching.

  7. Congratulations! You’re not only a teacher. You’re also an amazing artists. Keep writing and pursue your dreams. My prayers for you always.???⚘

  8. Divine Grace P Mejia

    I live to be a teacher and I love it.

  9. Nice, respect to every teacher.

  10. Beautifully written, love the poem.

  11. Very nice poem. Keep making poems to inspire other people. Thank you.