Month: July 2020


The Nimbus Mask

By Amber Marfatia from Pune, India                             Find & Follow more cartoons from Amber at



I They came in hordes. They came in hordes, hands full of toil, hearts full of hope of making a living, and a longing to fetch a life to take back home. They came in hordes toting just – but just – the clothes they wore and nothing more, leaving […]


Serendipity & the Eternity

‘I’ Am The Sun And Conquering Light And Fire ! So, Today – And yea everyday Are forevermore – Yeah Sundays Only, yeah – Sundays Only ! But, Oh, But, Oh, Not every – Date. ‘I’ Am The Sun And Conquering Light And Fire ! ‘I’ do sin with Goddess […]


Still Remains

Coping  with pain and fear hoping someday this would vanish and disappear I sought no refuge in balm nor in relief of temporary nature just wanted to flow along the rhapsody of a melancholic song to adapt to different difficult and wrong Grappling with layers of variation I had to […]


Elaichi [Cardamom]

by Aditi Mendiratta ‘I did something bad.’ ‘Something really really bad’, she repeated, mostly to herself. I was greeted by her in a frenzy, at about three in the morning. This was no time for jokes, I could sense that. But, I did not know what to do. I stood […]


Hero in You

Hero in you makes a decent actor on stage, Though, Villain role suits you the best. As you walk on stage like sage,  the audience on the floor is stunned by your talent.  You are the northern star, Leading crusaders through the way. The one looked up to for his […]



On my visit to grandpa’s farm house I found one decrepit crafted carriage kept in the corner of the frontage that had poles on both sides but no wheels to my surprise   It was old but had a strong mold the outer had intricate designs the inner had remnant […]



Ego feeds a man false self-confidence, less becomes more, wise becomes evil, when ego thrives.   A man’s incompetence is swallowed, when ego begins to talk.   A man’s sense of humility is lost, when he rides on the wheel of his ego.   Many a times, a man is […]



Age of reason. Rather than tradition. Discarded skepticism. Embraced realism.   Are we enlightened, when we destroy nature? when gluttons self-aggrandize? when the powerful tyrannize?   Enlightenment beyond reason. Conformed to nature at any season. Respect, compassion for humanity. Deeds of glory to the Almighty!           […]