Had we Known the End

If only we had known the end
we wouldn’t had held hatchets
To smash souls like animals
When the air became poisonous
And ideologies stole the oneness
That once held us together.

If only we had known the end
We would bury our bleeding knives
And sheath our severing swords
To allow peace prevails peacefully
In order not to stand and stare
Asking why we had to fight each other.

If only we had known the end
We could quickly call for dialogue
To rescue us from a war-torn world
And cure the plight of homelessness
Accompanied by wicked warring world
That comes with kwashiorkor.

But now we have neatly known of war
That it swallows peace, love and unity,
Do will need to wage war against ourselves
To wake with full baskets of broken bones?
For we own nothing and nothing owns us.

                                                                                     ~ Mr Kvip

                                                                                               Katsina Ala, Benue State, Nigeria

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