You Shine in Your Own Time

Life sometimes goes
through its darkest day,
When You find yourself stuck
And there’s no sign of hope’s Ray.

When you feel
Your world has devastated ,
You search for reason of your birth
And question, why were you created?

When you cry and weep

Buried under unfulfilled expectation heap,
Like an insomniac,
you are unable to sleep .

When all you desperately need
Is a single consoling hug,
But everyone from everywhere
Crush you under their feet as if you were a rug.

When you find yourself
Forlorn and dejected,
When every single step of yours
Is interrogated and objected.

When the successful friends and neighbours
Play the ugliest part,
Mocking and deriding at you
They feed the pride of their heart

At this point Many lose hope
To take their life, they decide,
Some die of depression
While others suicide.

But remember
You are a warrior .
You are born human,
A creation so superior .

This day is in their favour
Let them speak.
Focus on your dreams and work,
Your future fans will be your present critique .

Today’s weep can be
Tomorrow’s cheer,
Be persistent, perseverant
And fight your fear.

Today is theirs,
Tomorrow will be yours,
All these mocking birds
Will celebrate you at their indoors.

Look at the Sun and the Moon
They both shine in their given time,
Just like them ,
You will shine in your own time.

                                                        ~ Gulnaaz Saif
                                                             Bhadrak, Odisha, India

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