To The Eastside- A Dialogue Poetry

True! Which rope would be better?

I need a velvet curtain

Could someone tie me up?

            We’re heading to our new home

I miss my home. Wait! Did I have one?

            Its two blocks down across the street side. The eastside

Who should I call? Would they listen  or start bashing me

On all fronts?

Let me call my wife. She’s at my daughter’s school to pick her up.

            A surprise for the kid!

Yesterday my brother called. He asked, “How are you?”,

for the first time.

            A big textile company called me up to do a conference

            “advent of jute industry”

I bought a rope from the best textile

outlet in the city.

            But I feel edgy

I feel liberated

            All my friends turned their backs on me.

            Frequent run-ins led to this.

I knew the ass lickers prevailing around.

            The housewarming party would just be the “three” of us.

I ate my favorite meal today, “Roti tadka”. I didn’t know

how to make it so I called my brother!


But I don’t know how she’s gonna react. She has applied for

Boarding school this year.

Would that make a difference? If  I’m numb let me be.

                Urging someone to stay together makes me numb now.

First, the hands would wriggle then the eyes whiten,

Legs reaching out for ground and finally, the throat sucks up

The last ounce of air. Heartbeats all silent!

                I’ve never been here to this park. Why did I miss out?

Perhaps one last drive to the eastside. Am I coward to ‘do’ it now?

                Uhh! Bloody traffic. I’m out for some takeaways. I’d be back

                As soon as I can. Don’t worry darling!

I don’t remember the last time I drove to the eastside. Maybe 10 years ago

when everything changed for me.

                I miss the old “me”. He would always look forward.

I miss Maya. It was all my fault.

                Does clinging to the history eats us up? Why did I lie to my wife?

                I’ve never lied until today.

I can’t wait to become history. At least I know someone is up there for me.

                If a hurricane or an avalanche could turn it over for me. I didn’t even

have the time to sulk. Hardly could.

All the stars faded that day. It was all over for me

Perhaps I should drive there as well.

The dark must be lonely. I feel like waiting.

                Look at those birds. That’s a “V” for….” Victory”. but why now?

I smell Victory. I thought I was always on the verge.

                Did I just say victory?

I’d drive away tomorrow morning!

                Now I smell it too.

                                                 ~ Samyak Singh Thakur 

                                               Madhubani, Bihar

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