The Voice of Stillness

I hear a voice

Not just your usual melodious rhythm

which connects your soul to every atom of the universe


The voice of stillness

Which compels mortality to drop it’s blinds

and envision this rhythm through the eyes of eternity.

The stillness

So obvious yet uncertain

So primordial yet contemporary

So still yet so moving.

This rhythmic flow isn’t just the sounds of the sea

But also a flow in the walk of life.

It’s an endless rhythm

But a complete silence to those who don’t hear.

For this stillness doesn’t flow through

the ears ending in our logical capabilities,

But a voice within

And way above the fathomable possibilities of life

Because it’s spiritual

Because it rises and falls like a heartbeat


It resonates within every cell of our body.

                                                                                         ~Nikita Subudhi.

                                                                                           Bhubaneswar, India

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