Stay In (or) Out Awaits OutBreak

Lockdown,  Lockdown,  Lockdown,

Every means of life locked,

Blocked our Spirits and affectionate passions,

Our Mind was locked to think,

Our Limbs was Locked to act,

But our fear wasn’t Locked,

Instead our imagination was blocked,

Old and young were tired,

For they had ceaseless rest,

At home, on the chair and on  open terrace,

Food and savouries were abundant,

But fear seemed too much,

More Abundant than anything else,

An unseen adverse pricking bug- corona,

By its name flanked every,

Merriment of life, showing,

No pinch of mercy but scrub salt over the wound,

But did show unbiased equality,

In ending the life of pompous, poor, prosperous,

Sleepy mood touched our  eyes,

But sweetie moods embraced not our minds,

Internet and  webs  threw boisterous news ,

Though Zippy music turned on,

Only Music of deep blues evaded our hearts

Once schools were dread and painful,

To the Children but now they say,

It is far better to face the teach,

Than to be the inmates of the homely prison

We give heartfelt gratitude,

 This elusive enemy who binded,

Relations of father and siblings,

Husband and wife, better halves to ,

Became better humans ,

Time is not wasted,

No one can repair  the wasted time,

This time it became an adhesive,

For broken ties of the  cracked families ,

And for dispute friendships and strained buddies,

Good heavens, We pray unto you,

Command for release from the homely containment,

Our true  contentment lies not in bondages,

Heal our Land , our human spirit

Above all, the motherly earth.

                                                                            ~ Rajan Jayabalan

                                                                            Chennai, India

One Comment

  1. Super Anna. Beautiful poem about the psychology of all age groups during this Lockdown. I like it very much.God bless you. Write more. Hats off.