Rise Against Suffering!

With tyrannical truncheons and brute batons

The oppressors have arrived.

Smothering everyone revolutionary

 In the vapor of violence,

Entombing the fragile, fibrillating

Utopias of hope

In the tangled thicket of blood-drenched streets.

Is this your mightiness?

A mightiness which is merciless and meaningless.

A mightiness which grotesquely amputates and mutilates

The body of my fellow human beings to whet the brutal blade of profit.

We, the oppressed people, refuse to kowtow to this capitalist crudity

We, the oppressed people, just can’t serenely sit and guiltily watch

The division of world into bogus races,

And the destruction of human beauty by military might.

It’s time that we rebel against this unbearable injustice

Once and for all,

Let us rise against suffering and univocally unite.

                                                                           ~ Yanis Iqbal

                                                                               Aligarh, India

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