Rajasthan: An Enchanting Flavour

Rajasthan, a land of many legends,

Camouflaged by the vanishing heroic deeds,

Lived to sacrifice their lives before the invaders,

Amidst the desert terrain up on the hill.

Here, lay the stories of ruin,

That speaks about Rajputs’ valour,

The way they built the kingdom,

And fought against the invaders,

Shedding blood and tears under the hot simmering weather.

O dear friends’, Rajasthan is full of tales,

A place to enjoy on the back of desert mules,

Recalling the past history of glamour lost,

By taking the glimpses of the ruins plot.

The sound of immortal words of Maharana Pratap,

Reverberates across the Chittorgarh Fort and the Thar Golden Desert,

Find its way into the heart of Jaisalmer and Jaipur,

Emitting the sound of valour in Bikaner and Udaipur.

In the heart of the burning sand,

The camel rides with the face upward towards the Sun,

Obsessed with the rocky desert,

Peacock dances with infinite joy.

A mystical place not to be found elsewhere,

Where, Women and daughters of King’s men burned themselves in Juhar,

To save their lives from the Muslim conqueror.

Now, tears flow from the tourist visitors,

To honour the lives of those sacrificed.

Tell you friends, Rajasthan is a spectacular place,

Where, One shall visit again and again,

Never forget to have Dal Bati Churma,

With the Barmer’s folk song in the background,

Illuminated by the dance of Kal Baliya Ghumur,

That turns the desert into the living fort.

                                                                                ~Subhojit Srivastava

                                                                               Faridabad, India

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