Month: June 2020


Dire Straits

I hear the uproar of nature around me Its shrieks of agony, its curses of anger With waves crashing here and there Broken branches, dead leaves I see. Wildlife in danger continuously put to die No place to live, no food to eat Helplessness looms like a black cloud And […]



Someone uncannily repeated history Someone dared to reveal utmost stupidity Someone callously professed colour superiority Someone smothered the neck of liberty; Someone forced people to come on street Someone warned them to make a retreat Someone slothy ignored pulses of anger Someone therefore escorted to safe shelter; Someone holding high […]


Glass Bangles

Chimneys cough up clouds of dust off the dark lungs and burning guts of the hearth and homes, the living furnaces that splutter and fume in the winding lanes of the City of Glass Bangles.* Old, young, wrinkled hands scars, blisters and all, gather shards and chips of bangles and […]


Northern Lights

Spiral light descends, from the heavens above, and the turquoise mist, coils tighter and rotates, gliding to the brinks, like horizontal steam, shooting through, midnight blue sky.                                               […]


And Yes ‘I’ Am In Yeah 7th Heaven

And Yes ‘I’ Am In Yeah 7th Heaven Yeah because my beloved Indian Monsoon Queen has been caressing, tenderly loving ‘I’ with her more than thousand heavenly fingers, aromas and infinite kisses . . And yes ‘I’ buried the inner-voice of solitude which had been tormenting my happiness ! What […]


Addressing the Elephant in the Room

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Just recently a pregnant, female Elephant died of eating a fruit filled with fire-crackers, which was intentionally fed to her by some miscreants. The outrage that resulted of this incident, and rightly so, captured the attention of the whole country but the irony that was […]


Dear Self

Dear self! I bring not the griefs they sell, If thou adore pain, thou won’t hear the yell. Live all the life of woes, do have, Know it will yank thee in the cave. How wistfully the living of thee there? Even so, all day and night, thou continue unaware. […]


Culled Hands

Last night I dreamed workers painting my house Brought all of their children to work in the morning With stiff brushes and buckets of water To wash and to clean to scrub the faces Like paintings on canvas That had appeared overnight on the walls of my house Black faces […]



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