Month: June 2020


The Silhouette of Reality

Do you remember, father? You told me that we would be taught to become Proper Humans. But, are we learning that or are we being taught that ? Inhumans have surrounded my planet of dreams, father. Where can I find the blank lovely space? Can it be done in this […]


Bravery of Biharis at Gulwan

So often criticised is a Bihari Babu Dumb and often submissive, clad with innocence. But they proved their mettle to the nation Even when they had to fight sans a bastion. The enemy at an advantage of a higher position Picked a fight, for no bigger or sensible reason. As […]


Why We Should Go to War Over Galwan?

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Sometimes war and armed conflict remains the only possible option but alas, the brave sacrifice of twenty of our soldiers wasn’t enough to make New Delhi understand the real scope of the problem. Our diplomatic corpse wants to talk it out with China and PM […]


When Protesting Muddies the Message

By Mark Antony Rossi As my country, the United States, is engulfed in meaningful protests against discrimination it is also swamped with meaningless protests some organized by groups with agendas not meant to help the public discourse on the subject of equal treatment under the law. But the biggest problem […]


Gender Issues

I stand in the midst of a street, Grilling God, “do we deserve this kind of treat? Where women are always behind their veils, If ever a man cries, he fails. Where men are expected to hate pink, If a woman works, her dignity shrinks? Where doll belongs to girl […]


Tapestry of Petals

grew up into a magnificent being each with its own shape and size forming a bundle of joy and peace the gleaming petals radiated light the bunch ate the lunch together healthily satisfied within themselves strong companionship with each other celebrating with the rains and winds like Elves weather did […]


I Love You No More

I love you  no more my time is rigged and wait is over my patience is worn out let the whole world know about the birds the flora and fauna the animal kingdom and human race move ahead in circular orbs and pace and my frenzied being remains static like […]


Heartbroken Nature

She cries, she sobs and she stands still Waiting for someone to see Her plight so miserable, Pain in the air, inaudible. Mercilessly destroyed every day Where creatures played, happy and gay. The broken heart waits for a glue But man doesn’t heed, and give a clue. Her reflection is […]


Something Fishy

By Amber Marfatia from Pune, India                             Find & Follow more cartoons from Amber at