My Terrace

A relaxing place,

Short-while relief from my routine chores,

Sipping my coffee, gazing at the sky,

The sun radiating,

Yet, weather is kind,

Sweeping gusts of wind enchanting me,

Beyond-beautiful view of my city,

Bustling scenes around,

Myself at tranquility,

Waiting for my sweet-heart to embrace,

As my eyelids close,

Slowly vanishing,

Memories flashing through my head,

 Few forgotten, rest spared!

My home-town house portico,

Chitter-chattering with my friends,

Innumerable games played here,

At times, murmuring with my other level friends,

Crows, Sparrows, Pigeons and Squirrels,

Sometimes shooing them away,

To protect my yet to dry, yet to fry fryums,

A blanket of stupid little things,

What umpteen things, my terrace has witnessed,

My laugh and cry with my siblings,

Minor scuffles of my parents,

Many moon –lit dinners,

With magnificent share of light,

Hold on! No candle light dinners,

No pool side ambience,

Yet, heart-warming gatherings,

My depressed days, few anxious hours,

My dripping tears, few troubled nights,

My brimming happiness most of the days,

Recalling my long hours of study day and night,

Aiding me to achieve milestones in life .

Oh! Back to reality, as a raindrop fall on my cheek,

Slowly opening my eyes, I look into the sky,

Heavily laden clouds, stretching and yawning,

Negligently following the wind,

Now in my rented house,

Nothing prevails,

Yet my tiny little garden replenishes my happiness,

Delicate buds, peeping green sprouts,

Nature’s serene serendipity,

Melting me soft,

Adding warmth to my soul,

Living my moment to the fullest!

Ah! Far away there,

An overall view of kids playing on the terrace,

A rare sight though, in a hustle-bustle city,

Vague view of their quarreling moments,

Faintly hearing those giggling voices,

Their laughter flowing like a river,

Lively pranks,

All resonating!

Lovely scene to cherish,

Let this perpetuate!

As their parents call,

Fear of them getting drenched,

Hesitating to retreat into their homes,

Yet, they have to,

Anticipating a heavy downpour,

I too step into my room,

Still holding my cup,

Last cold dose of coffee entering my throat,

Back to my mundane life,

Thanks to this lock-down,

Thanks to those nostalgic moments,

Had a reminiscence of my golden days,

I Wish I get them back!


                                                                                          ~ Dr. C.J. Thirupurasundari

                                                                                             Bengaluru, India


  1. Nice way to cherish nostalgic moments… gud one??

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