My Flowering Garden

I used to decorate my garden with

golden bamboo, bushy poinsettias,

palms, ferns and Tulsi plants.

When I look at my garden, I feel

an internal happiness.

Whenever any celebrities came

over, they used to appreciate

my decorated flowering


The grass reassures us that it is

safe to journey and our feet

will not tire from walking

on grass.

The more flexible trees like weeping

willow signify the flexibility which

is needed so much in our lives.

I walk around my garden and

smell the sweetness of blossomed


While walking I can see butterfly,

hovering over the blossomed

flowers,the birds come to bathe

and drink.

I spend the morning hours in

the solace of my garden, and

                enjoy the music of bumblebees.

                                                                                     ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                          New Delhi, India

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