Journey to Singapore

I wanted to interact with local people to know more about them.

While living in Singapore, I used to walk on the pavement.

I used to enjoy the environment of swimming pool area.

I have visited shopping malls in Orchard road during my walks.

To walk in the pollution less area was an excellent experience.

Singapore is well regarded all over the world as a shopping

paradise. The visit is never complete without visiting shopping mall.

I was amused to see various steamers floating on East coast beach.

I went to hanging bridge, where people were fishing with rods.

There was torrential rain when I returned back to our flat.

While visiting the temples, I could see the devotees were praying

and the priest was reading the mantra while lighting the diyas.

I entered into Tooth Relic Buddha temple to pray with the devotees.

Visitors can gain more insight into Buddhism at this place.

While staying in Singapore, I have visited various temples

including Ganesh temple, Murugan temple, and Sri Ram Temple.

Visiting Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest area was an experience.

The dome was air-conditioned and I enjoyed the beautiful climate.

I have visited Singapore Botanic garden and Orchard National

Garden, which are magical places to spend your leisure period.

I had a chance to visit Marina Bay, which is a lifestyle destination.

I visited Butterfly Park, Merlon Tower, and Jargon Bird Park.

While visiting Singapore’s Zoo, I enjoyed the heart pounding

tribal performances, which were amazing shows for the tourists.

I enjoyed the night safari in rainforest, which is a wildlife park.

While travelling by tram, I saw Malayan tigers, spotted

hyenas, leopards, Asian Elephant, Rhinoceros, wolf, deers,

Asiatic lion, Cape buffalo, Axis deer and many more.

While travelling, I could feel that the city is not like some other

cities in the world, where the sky is perpetually grey, infected

by pollution from lots of vehicles trapped in a huge traffic jam.

                                                                                       ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                          New Delhi, India

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