It’s a Matter of Taste!

Ever heard of an ode to salt?

Before you walk-away, nose in air,

Turning to reply, Oh no, never, Na!

I would request, please kindly halt.

Let me offer an advice sane,

Though you might take it with a pinch of salt,

Life will become boring; an utter bane,

Without its presence in your kitchen vault.

A little sprinkling is all it takes,

To slake your cravings for that heavenly taste,

If you have to learn, learn it now,

If sugar is groom, then salt is bride,

That poor humble thing, Sodium Chloride!

                                                                    ~ Prakash Nagarajan

                                                                                                                               Mumbai, India


  1. Such witty writing..love how it has been put in simple words but carries such deep meaning

  2. Nice poem.

  3. This so true and nicely written , it shows the need of salt , usually people prefer sugar over salt but in the end its the salt which brings real taste in food . This poem can also be seen in the terms of life. I love it !

  4. Nice poem.

  5. Nicely written….i loved the analogy sugar is groom, salt is bride

  6. Beautiful Prakash. Keep it up.

  7. Indeed you have spoken about the very philosophy of life. No salt no taste. We say a saltless item finds its place in the dustbin. Very true the right amount of salt i.e. the proper blend of taste in our food adds taste enhances the value and a must for the health. So also our life has to be a proper mix of right attitudes in right proportion for a harmonious development. Well written. Way to go

  8. Good poem. Nice blend of metaphors, rhymes and play with words. Looking forward to more.

  9. Good poem.

  10. Beautiful Prakash. Keep it up.

  11. Awesome
    Nobody ever thought about it

  12. only one word……