Gone Too Soon

A song yet to be sung,

A life yet to be led

But you walked away,

So much still, undone, unsaid.


Some knew you, some claimed to,

Some said they saw the light

Of life all around you

Yet you left, into the night.


Then tears were shed, questions asked,

Was solitude concealed?

Despondency masked?

What is it that they want revealed?


Some queried, some wondered,

Shook their heads, others pondered.

What happened that you lost your way?

Why so cruelly, taken away?


What was this pain that tore at you?

This anguish that was too great to bear?

The days the skies did not turn blue,

Unanswered, it seemed, was every prayer.


What was it that tormented so?

That not the smallest light could be seen

They want to hear, they want to know,

What was it that shattered the dream?


But you are gone and gone too soon,

To a place unseen, a world unknown

Taking the answers with you and they,

Remain with you and you alone.


There are those who did not know you,

Never did those unfamiliar paths cross

Yet it wrenches at those strange hearts too,

A life gone, a dream lost!


                                                               ~ Rrashima Swaarup Verma

                                                               Gurgaon, India

Note: Composed by Rrashima Swaarup Verma as a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput, a young, talented actor who tragically passed away earlier this month.


  1. Heart-touching verse

  2. beautiful, memorable and a touching tribute for one gone too early for being deeply wounded to the core by the conceited agents of Bollywood

  3. A great loss of a young & talented star has indeed shocked the country. Shushant’s suicide is raising many questions & getting all sorts of answers. Truth about his death lies hidden deep down somewhere. Hopefully it will soon be out & whosoever is responsible for it will definitely be punished.