Gender Issues

I stand in the midst of a street,

Grilling God, “do we deserve this kind of treat?

Where women are always behind their veils,

If ever a man cries, he fails.

Where men are expected to hate pink,

If a woman works, her dignity shrinks?

Where doll belongs to girl and cricket to boy,

The KIND of our careers, is not our choice.”

He utters, “Back to the clock of obslete time

When humans were merely a mime.

I just created few greens, Adam and Eve

Then I was farewelled and took my leave.

Earthlings created gap between man, woman and all,

that was the arise of The Human Fall.”

He adds, ” A world you must craft, a model to behold,

For women in Jeans at night and be bold.

A world where you all can be calm,

For men are not solely machines at the farm.

Fight no more, breach no more,

Each one of you is gold to the core.

Nevertheless weave me first, Why to create a gap,

When you all are just some bones with distinct organs on my map?

                                                                                        ~ Upasana Arora

                                                                                           Noida, India

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