Faint Cries Of The One Being Lynched

They burn me burn me right out at the stake
Throw my burnt up lifeless carcass away in a tiresome lake
All those tinsel stars will be plucked away from my eyes
My clothes hung up down these darkened aisles of late
Gone are the memories of different shapes and size
Those lifelike dreams burning but unrealized
Oh how they stand around me sloppily nodding their heads
These saggy pilgrim thighs around drinks of souped up sour pomegranate
Thrown around are cans of beer little children with salty tears
To think of rationality long gone with cheers and insolent hate
Women crying tears to a body with eyes gouged out
Ogled and cursed I feel a bit constipated
Jilted Voices in front of a shroud known to be violated
The Priest throws some lines away in the thin blue sky looking at my face
I look down from the end of my neck with an almost grin through my brace
Tales of How I knocked her hat off and burst her breasts with a bat
And fed up on her body like a newborn baby brat
She had a son in her womb or maybe a little daughter
Now all lifeless like she is the cow that got slaughtered
The voyeuristic sky gets filled up with rapid chants of kill kill kill
Only to hear my faint voice ring up in the scrawny hills
I see the rope away a mile down the road
And smell the roasted meat in the beat up windy abode
The eyes bulge out my manhood ready to pounce
I feel the bones by my neck put out like a rosy fire
Those kids with lunchboxes and the knifes weighing my flesh by the ounce
First a burnt tire around my head just to feel me about
I done creamed her pants with my dick hanging out
Stabbed her I beat her to a fucking pulp I did
The owl shat on her bulging eyes in as the rain ran rancid
But now it’s all the same now death laughing at the alive
Some secrets only us dead know up in this dingy dive.
I join her and rape her with drinks at the shalimar
She laughs on and on but I see the fire run bizarre
They poke my lifeless face with a paddling stick
I got harder and harder as I turned into a stiff
As I join her in laughter all akward as lifelike and fake
They burn me burn me right out at the stake.

  ~Anuj Pandey
                                                                      Dhanbad, India


  1. Ultimate man ❤️

  2. Awesome. Simply awesome.