Dire Straits

I hear the uproar of nature around me

Its shrieks of agony, its curses of anger

With waves crashing here and there

Broken branches, dead leaves I see.

Wildlife in danger continuously put to die

No place to live, no food to eat

Helplessness looms like a black cloud

And all we do is nod and sigh.

I see the news of an upcoming flood

People tormented by it

There cries, the pleas of help echoing

Their faces in all sweat and blood.

Country is hit by a drought

Our farmers in dismay

There is not enough grain for two square meals

When will the problem be sought?

I hope it will end someday

A new sun will see its rise

But the thought of it increasing

Multiplies my fear everyday.

                                                                          ~ Anantinee ’JHUMPA’ Mishra

                                                                        New Delhi, India


  1. Heart touching

  2. ? expressive

  3. By a budding poet expressing from the core of her heart.Be Blessed.