And Yes ‘I’ Am In Yeah 7th Heaven

And Yes ‘I’ Am In Yeah 7th Heaven

Yeah because my beloved Indian Monsoon Queen

has been caressing, tenderly

loving ‘I’ with her more than thousand heavenly fingers,

aromas and infinite kisses . .

And yes ‘I’ buried the inner-voice of solitude

which had been tormenting my happiness !

What life without rebellion ?

What rebellion without Love ? . .

Little by little my love letters will turn into the Prometheanmusks ! . .

And our struggle and Love will reflect in the soul of Eternity !

‘I’ am the Sun and undisputed ‘I’ncarnation ! . .

‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate ! . .

And yes ‘I’ Fire, exist, Sing, ART and Light and enjoy yeah my golden hours ! . .

And green days and green nights ! . .

And yoga life and astral dreams only with soulful Earth . .

And my Earth is my everything . .

From the Alpha to Omega !


‘I’ am bound, ‘I’ am bound by the obligations to protest poetically and artistically ! . .

For tolerant Earth and my poor and suffering people ! . .

From the Alpha to Omega !

Hail to Rebellion to Rebellion to Rebellion !

                                                                   ~ Sanju Clement


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