An Elephantine Act of Cruelty

She thought, being hungry as she was,

Those villagers must be God sent people

Who had come to give her fruits ,

After all hungry she was , and tired too,

Walking so many miles, with a baby in her belly,

Looking for foods,

And there they were!

Those delicious looking pineapples,

Juicy and ripe,

So she took them, at one gulp of hers, big ,

Saliva dripping,

Hungry as she had been,

Thirsty too,

And the baby inside her thought

How good these fruits might be,

Filled with sap,

She trusted those villagers,

As she had been trusting them, their forefathers, for years,

And no sooner had she eaten those pineapples,

Something happened inside ,

Her bowels burned,

Her throat singed,

Her mammoth body shook,

The baby inside burned too,

Ah! What a fool I must have been!

The mother elephant must have thought then,

To trust those men,

Those two legged creatures, small and wicked.

                                                                            ~ Moinak Dutta

                                                                                Kolkata, India

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