A Lone Cloud!!!

No array of feigned vows, no festooned bounds,

Drifting off in breeze, this heart…..a vagabond.

Lone gadabout on sail, garnering esse by the day,

Even worry abandoned me, sick of this insouciant way.


Across meadows and mountains, oceans with swell of tides,

Meandering as a river, just a shadow by my side.

Whispers of twilight as feathers soft and light,

Gazing stars, sprawled on grass, draped in blissful moonlit night.


Solitary cloud soaring…devoid of any wings, 

Wayfarer chauffeured…by new symphonies of winds..

Proffered my heart to lucid Moon a time ago….

Seeking love in mortals, heart has learnt to disavow!!


                                                                                          ~Tanu Vermani Kapoor 

                                                                                       Abu Dhabi, UAE


  1. a beautiful composition

  2. Thank you