Month: May 2020


Proud to Be An Indian

As an Indian, I feel, the colors behind me, orange, white, and green, propelling me in every endeavor, as I proudly showcase my country, not ashamed, for we are all brothers and sisters, in this great world, our heritage is to be celebrated, from Gandhi to Tendulkar, from me to […]


Chrysalism – An Amniotic Tranquility

There is a blizzard outside and Snow flakes strike at window pane, Cozily sprawling  by the fireside ‘twas so euphoric – can’t explain. I can imagine the chill of rain, With biting cold that hurts, Snug inside the warm environs Utterly safe from the dirt- squirts. Best things, in the […]



बस हो चुकी  अनुराग की, आदर्श की ग़ज़ल अब  छेड़िए  आक्रोष की – संघर्ष की  ग़ज़ल पहले  कहें   विचार  की,  विमर्श  की  ग़ज़ल हो  पाएगी  तभी  किसी  निष्कर्ष की  ग़ज़ल जो भी  मिला  मुझे, इसी धरती  से  मिला है मैं क्यों  कहूं  आकाश  के उत्कर्ष  की ग़ज़ल अनुभूति छुअन की […]


Stop Bickering

By Shobha Diwakar The world is silent. The world is asleep. It has recoiled and has slipped into its cocoon. Hush! Do not disturb its restiveness. It may recoil fiercely. It has already locked everyone, the entire humanity indoors, silence spreading its tentacles and shutting down every outdoor activity. Take […]


I was Gripped by Sadness

Joy and sorrow are a part of life and  it all depends on our fate. But I feel mind is different from rest of the senses, as it is always dissatisfied. I believe that whenever I do something bad, it will come back to me. I was gripped by the […]


No Mention

They all boarded train joyous One voice missing in chorus She could not make last run To her home,she lost her turn, It was hard like a marathon walk For a teenager ardous difficult task Her walk to reach her village hut Here no wages no food -all shut Jamla […]