Love is Humble and Quiet

I haven’t seen such a sweet

face like yours.

You look like a blossomed

flower in the garden.

I love your personality and

silent voice.

Your selfless affection helped

me bloom.

You are my lover, the treasure

of my life.

Our love has its own melody

and expression.

My heart is overwhelmed

with gratitude

as you stand by me in joy

and sorrow.

I still recall the holiday when

we went for picnic.

Amidst the joy of togetherness,

we are struggling to handle

the newness of our love,

and the testing circumstances

of life.

Our love stood the test of time

and situations, as we were

sincere and patient.

You made me happy each

moment with your humility

and quiet strength.

                                                                                       ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                          New Delhi, India

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