Planet Earth Is Reposing

I have eyes… you did not see

You were never aware of my well- being

I am tired, sick and ailing

You have defiled my robust foundation

Your crabbed relentless daggers

Have impudently antagonized me

I dedicated my life for your propitious intentions


Your haughty frugality crushed my chastity

Your blunt antipathy threatened my very existence

You became the authority

You thought yourself omnipotent and omniscient

You challenged God’s very own existence

You dared to conquer his territory

 You not only transgressed my entrails

You saucily plundered the heavens

Your callous and obnoxious doggedness

Has obstructed sustenance of my own existence

Now his benedictions are curtailed

Your ancients feared God’s wrath

Their sagacious and unsullied wisdom

Protected them from harm

Your imposing prowess

Tarnished my image

Your deceptive and disconsolate impertinence

Has mawkishly intruded upon my infinite significance

You adroitly schemed and plundered my wealth

Leaving me gashed and wounded

Your constant torments ‘masticated’ me endlessly

Your haughty, clamorous squandering

Of my enchanting physique

Has compelled me to fall ill

I have with the connivance of the Almighty

Shut myself down

 Locked you in your own homes

Deprived you of your privileges

 To cast off the freight you loaded me with

The forests are now breathing

They are alive and fresh

The wild animals are safe and wandering

On the lanes you once trudged along

 They are no longer afraid of you

 The birds are back in their nests

 Twittering and ‘galloping’ across the heavenly blue

You rudely snatched their subsistence

The raucous and clamorous loudspeakers

Had burst my ears and deafened the Almighty

Now I command

Discipline yourselves

Do not be impulsive and stir out

Do not provoke the rebel

 It is invisible

It is tyrannical

 It is deadly

It is neutral

It will magnify its scope of destruction


Coercively harbor and implant itself in your elegant body

To wickedly float internally


Conquer others

I am Mother Earth

Once boisterous with chuckles and laughter

Now I am unruffled

I am tranquil and healing myself

Do not clog my craftsmanship


I am your guardian

The divine hand is upon me

I honor your life

 Stay home

Stay safe

                                                     ~ Shobha Diwakar

                                                    Jabalpur, India


  1. A very well written poem. We humans have been rude & cruel to all what God bestowed upon us. It needed something as dangerous as Covid 19 to open our eyes, stop & gaze at all the beauty that we are surrounded with & hopefully we now learn to respect & honour each & every thing gifted to us by God as a blessing showered upon us.

  2. Thank you ASB I am convinced this is the time to restrain our unwanted activities and become self reliant and seek within our selves for solutions that will help repair the earth and let it smile again with its bounteous blessings.
    Nature is healing itself
    let us pray this evil spread will soon disappear but only if we cooperate and pay attention to all the cautions our doctors, medical staff and our PM is asking us to observe.

  3. Beautifully written. Very apt for the Covid distraught world. If humans do not learn a lesson now they will perish!. Nature has given us enough for our needs but our greed is endless. We are now paying a price for it. Beware and change or suffer and die

  4. where do comments disappear?

  5. after moderation they vanish out of sight

  6. thank you dr amin for your words of wisdom… yes it’s now or never!