Month: April 2020


तूफाँ थमा नहीं

तूफाँ थमा नहीं, कुछ वक़्त और घर में रहो बहुत संभल के इस तूफाँ की नज़र में रहो हम नहीं देंगे कोई झूठा ढिलासा तुम को गर डर लगता हो तो बेशक़ डर में रहो गर यों हुआ होता तो ये ना होता जो हुआ फज़ूल की कोफ्त है, न […]


Back to Our Primal Selves

By Chandrasen Yadav It is a very unique time since world war II ended, in these 70 years there wasn’t a single conversation about survival—at least not in the upper and middle-class societies, as collectively as it has become. But here we are, suddenly it’s all about survival again, everything […]



Pandemic engulfs our paradise havoc and chaos arise isolation and quarantine each human being paralyzed. everyone needs to realize it’s not time to mobilize or will have to pay the price. O’ people do not colonize, the virus does not seek insect or mice to spread the disease and survive humans are […]



Cheerful skies, clouds cheering up in the horizon Calm waves of the sea Crickets reaching their crescendo Free-spirited seagulls mobbing the predators The butterflies and their captivating wings The amicable wind that brings tranquility Castle in the air slowly appearing into view A cheerful and serene soul– Euphoric All other […]


Is Lockdown an Ordeal or Escapade?

By Anantinee  ‘JHUMPA’  Mishra There is hardly a person nowadays who isn’t aware of the predicament the world is in due to the extensive outbreak of Coronavirus or Covid-19. With the number of people infected accumulating to many millions, this virus has spread intense panic and terror globally. It is […]



By P.Muralidharan That early morning started for Sanjay normally. He got up around 5 AM, spruced up, and set out for his morning stroll. The venue was well lit. Nevertheless, huge trees blocked the street light and there were patches of pitch dark below the trees. While walking under a […]


The Warring Core

I was unable to cope up with The time’s power and velocity, I’ve no idea when I grew up, I’m, still, in the age of curiosity. I have never lived my childhood, Graduated into a teen very fast, And much before I realized that, It was left behind, became my […]