Month: April 2020


Reminiscing Safdar Hashmi

By Yanis Iqbal Reminiscing Safdar Hashmi  The democratic structure of India is being weakened. Attempts are being made to obliterate freedom. In these cataclysmic times, it is imperative that we remember the lost legacy of Safdar Hashmi who possessed the unflinching determination to unfetter India Safdar Hashmi and Street Theatre […]


Sinister Commodity

Supremacy declared the crowd to stay home calmly en masse. Cops sincerely undertook the words. But moreover, The clads kept in line in extreme. For, it was to operate the command. Eventhough, the supremacy had vaporized. Soon after the saint came out chanting mantras. Meanwhile advised to execute the rite, […]


A Stunning Visual

In the wake of the rain, I glimpsed a magic That lit up the world with flare and frolic Rubbing my eyes, I gaped in awe Across the skies as murky clouds moved Violet brought in the vivacity Through tons of tints, smooth and slinky Indigo glitzed it all up […]


Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Work hard till your goal is achieved, Stop not till your dream is perceived. Being reminiscent of what the ages had to say, Rome was not built in a day. Focus till the destination is reached, Struggle till the obstacles are breached. Being aware that you have to make your […]


How to Live a 1000 Year’s in Just 100

By Abhinav Desa I know this is nearly impossible for any human being to live more than 80 year’s, keeping in mind today’s food habits, pollution, oxygen intake, negative thoughts, bad habits.. Etc!! There are “n” number of problems that I haven’t listened because it’s not the same for every […]


A Feat

A Herculean task lay stretched for miles Day & night it agonised him to see- His beloved people tormented His Mother land being ravaged The enemy- By no means was a weakling but.. A creepy, invisible, ferocious one! In leaps & bounds it attacked Uncontrollably it spread its tentacles- Ready […]



There he goes at the wheel a confident man guided by his GPS his destination always known a life mapped out according to plan no Achilles heel or so it seems yet his certainty is his ignorance his trust in life an illusion for he like the rest of us […]


Sprightly Fragrant

By Shobha  Diwakar The twittering birds rested patiently on the swinging wires outside as the gentle rustling breeze shook them out of their dreamy world. They fluttered their tiny wings, twisted and turned their necks to peep into the breaking dawn with the dew still resting on their perch. They […]


Endless Night

There was no place to live They found a roof on their head Probably it wasn’t strong enough It crumbled, they barely skipped death The wall collapsed along with the shed Parents got trapped inside it Holding the baby sister in her arms The big sister is out of her […]


End Times

The towns are like ghost towns now without the ghosts They are all herded inside the bunkers of hell with nothing to do but wait and pray and suddenly everything looks different. Life will never be the same again  never and mankind finally got what it deserved.       […]