Let Them Come

Let us lock them inside their homes.

Let us not allow them to reach out to the world.

Let curfew become the norm.

Let every day become an Emergency.

Let us allow men in uniform to rape and kill.

Let us allow men in the faraway capital to issue decrees.

Let us allow men who never stepped in the Valley decide what is best for the Valley.

Let us allow some men to buy land, and the others to buy women.

Let families be torn apart.

Let children have no childhood.

Let trust and promises be broken.

Let the faith in humanity be shaken.

Let us bifurcate the already ruptured.

Let us divide and then force to unite.

Let one half be downgraded.

Let the other not have its own legislature.

Let there be no hope, only despair.

Let there be no talks, only gagged voices.

Let there be no peace, only bloodshed.

Let there be no life, only death.

But let us mourn.

Democracy is dead.

Constitution is obsolete.

Humans are dying and humanity is dead.

                                                                            ~ Aishwarya Bhuta

                                                                              New Delhi, India

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