Is Lockdown an Ordeal or Escapade?

By Anantinee  ‘JHUMPA’  Mishra

There is hardly a person nowadays who isn’t aware of the predicament the world is in due to the extensive outbreak of Coronavirus or Covid-19. With the number of people infected accumulating to many millions, this virus has spread intense panic and terror globally. It is the only talk of the town.

The spread of this pandemic has inevitably lead to one thing- the imposing of necessary procedures closure, shut down, a twenty four by seven curfew or a lockdown in the subcontinent. Half of the globe is under lock down mode; so, the next very obvious question is what this ‘lockdown’ is? Well, to put it in simple and understandable terms, lockdown refers to the restriction of movement of masses, as imposed by the Government for a certain period of time. India is currently is in the Lockdown 2.0.

A lot of opinions are being expressed over these restrictions. Angry ones, concerned ones, rational ones, irrational ones et cetera. However, forming an opinion without first viewing every distinguished category’s perspective is not at all justifiable.

If we take up an example of daily wagers, like construction laborers, it certainly seems like they are in a fix, as their day to day income seemed to be the livelihood for their family. With the lockdown in effect, their financial conditions are in a really bad shape, with them being gradually deprived of basic necessities like food and water. Considering their point of view, some improvements certainly need to be made in the agendas of lock down.

Being a school going girl myself, I can understand what my fellow mates and peers must be feeling. While a break from school, especially after the tiring final exams is always appreciated by a majority, there continues to be the part that going to our respective institutions as well as out in the sunshine for our daily play time, is a very important aspect of our day to day life. While it is fine and bearable for a week or two, spending months cooped up inside our houses does become very depressing at times. We sit ideally for a better part of the day, and as a famously spoken line is ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.’ I am sure none of our parents want some mischievous ideas in our heads, especially when they are so stressed nowadays. However, it is a point to be noted that when we have a lot of free time in our hands, we are sorely tempted to catch up with our hobbies and things we are passionate about, maybe like reading, or writing, or dancing or anything for what matters. It is important that this time be utilized properly.

One of the most positive factors about this lockdown is its humongous contribution to Mother Nature. Having lived in Delhi (one of the most polluted cities in the world)  almost all my life, I don’t remember any sort of instance where I have seen a clearer sky, or can see the twinkling stars in the night time. The pollution levels have dropped down immensely, as the use of automobiles nowadays is almost nonexistent. I, for one, never believed that I would be awoken in the morning by the slight rustle of leaves, a delicate and tender breath of the wind and the melodiously beautiful chirping of birds.

The next category to be considered is of the elderly/ senior citizens. What I can gather from my Grandfather’s regular daily activities is that the most exciting part of his day is going out for a half- an- hour long evening walk to the park, or just go and sit down on the stairs of any nearby temple, listing to the ringing bells with full devotion for the deity. As our medical experts and scientists have already told us, this deadly virus is most prone to senior citizens and small children. However, owing to the panicked situation we have been in, they are unable to continue to evening enjoyment.

‘Work from home (WFH)’: this is the new trending word-words, actually-in the world of white collared jobs. All most all the corporates, major industries, working professionals and health experts are continuously asking people to stay at home, and continue doing the work they were supposed to do from their office desks. Thanks to technology which is managing the show. Almost every household is experiencing the WFH environment, sometimes its too buzzy; nevertheless it has almost become the part of the daily routine.

A big salute to the working women folks , for them it is both Work from Home and Work for Home. After all it is never easy to handle the never ending house hold chores, that too without any sort of domestic help. Alongside that managing  the office work, attending virtual meetings and doing all the work that would have been done if they had been in their respective offices, is quite a feat to pull off.

Despite all these, it must always be remembered that this is an herculean challenge for the Governments, statesman, administrators. On one side weighs the public’s comfort and on the other side, their health. Our Government, our Health Ministry and Our Prime Minister, they all take decisions with the people’s best interests at heart only.

For some lockdown is an ordeal and for some it is an escapade. But, the fact is our health is our utmost and top priority in today’s gloomy environment. After all, health is real wealth. So, let’s take three pledges today. A pledge, to abide by all the advisories being issued for the public’s interest. A pledge, to keep oneself and one’s loved ones safe. A pledge, to stand strong in these tough times.


About the Author

Anantinee ‘JHUMPA’ Mishra is a prodigy author, poet and TED speaker. She is twelve years old studying in std.8th at Apeejay School, Saket, New Delhi.  She has published two books and many stories and articles in magazines and journals. At the age of ten, she published a 21,000 worded anthology of stories called ‘Treasure of Short Stories’. Last year her debut Novel ‘Manhattan to Munnar’ got released. Recently she has been conferred with a title ‘PRODIGY AUTHOR’ and an ‘HONORARY DIPLOMA’ by the Hon’ble Vice President of  India Sh. M Venkaiah Naidu.

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  1. We are proud to have a Prodigy child in our home.Many a times ,we learn things from her .Her participation in any discussion from sociology to politics,music to literature, everything Carrie’s a lot of meaning. She completed a seven hundred slokas of Bhagbat Gita in a short time .We felt as if it was a discourse. I would ask the parents and publisher to get its recording public consumption. She is all in one.God Bless.