Come on corona come and get me,

I lick toilet seats, stand next to coughing people on the tube

but still you can’t get me.

You are not as tough as you think you are.

What have I got to do

look I am not hiding

I am not in self isolation

I swim in that big pool with all the dirty people I am like Jesus mixing with the lepers and the sick.

Still nothing still no sign.

They won’t let me into the old people’s homes surely they have it there.

I go on planes and refuse the lockdown

people tell me all the time the news the media.

Pandemic, pandemic that shout through the tubes of glass and through the laptops.

The shopping centres are empty only me there looking for the zombies the infectious but still there is no one.

So if you have any guts Corona

come on come and find me and we will fight it out.

                                                                   ~ Marc Carver

                                                                    Basingstoke, UK

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