A Feat

A Herculean task lay stretched for miles

Day & night it agonised him to see-

His beloved people tormented

His Mother land being ravaged

The enemy-

By no means was a weakling but..

A creepy, invisible, ferocious one!

In leaps & bounds it attacked

Uncontrollably it spread its tentacles-

Ready to embrace and plant

The kiss of death..

Sealing the victim’s fate with love / hatred?

Perceiving this perilous, outrageous effect-

He stood up to protect one & all

Humbly he requested for co- operation

Put forth many plans for everyone’s safety

But some weren’t happy..

They too weaved plans but with a difference..

Run him  down! Humiliate him!

Criticise all he says & does.

Yet unflinchingly all alone..

He started his battle against the super powerful traumatizing enemy.

With folded hands he requested everyone to..

‘Stay home, stay safe.’

Somethings that no one had ever done before, he did!

In spite of all slandering, bickering, condemnation & what not

For the welfare of his people & country

He worked & is still working day & night.

A commendable task he’s doing..

While the frivolous minded are busy …

Igniting the fire of antipathy against him

& his supporters

Pointing out not what good is being done, but..

Enumerating what he should have done & should do

Starved for power,

Frustrated helplessness

Inability to fool & cheat the majority

Exasperated defeat..


A mere ‘Chaiwala’ as they called him..


One who succeeded in performing feats More than what some could in the past

Became the root cause of their jealousy

His popularity ablazed their anger

Raising an active volcano..

Erupting awful avenging tricks!

For Indians are listening to him.

How many have ever done so much as our honourable prime minister?

I salute & bow down to him, all doctors, nurses, police, anonymous warriors

Helping in this ghastly battle ..

Against an indomitable brutal enemy!

May god bless, give strength, protect & keep all our saviors …

Safe & sound.

All senseless criticism must end

Acceptance, appreciation & integrity

Are the only keys to a better, safer life in this hour of immensely threatening conditions..

Overlooking / ignoring our differences..

We can either live  sensibly /wisely or..

Enjoy our long last eternal sleep peacefully!

The choice lies within each one of us!

Jai Hind!  Bharat mata ki jai!

Vande Mataram!

                                                                                     ~ Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                                           Vadodara, India

One Comment

  1. yes, the country , minus some few so called opportunists salute our very, very dear Prime Minister for all the selfless pains he is taking along with his team to save us from this invisible threat so ruthlessly devouring lives of every nation in the world.
    we are humbled by his sincere devotion and painstaking efforts that are being defiled by selfish mongers
    thank you ASB for penning this truthful observation…
    shame on those who are taking pleasure and instigating the rise of this contagious virus and enjoying the death of innocent people
    shame, shame , shame