Darkness engulfs me from all four sides
wither I should go, I know not
Not a single shard of light from the crevices
Not a single soul to hear my voiceless cries
I am agonised, rather traumatized
Call it social anxiety, if you will
Why doesn’t anyone try to enter into my shell?
for once try to hold my hand and comfort me
wipe my tears and bring me a boxful of smiles
I am enchained in the fetters of isolation
I want to break free, break out
I want someone to induce confidence, remove doubt
When would laughter surround me?
It’s said that you need to create happiness
but can it be constructed out of nothingness,

one knows not
These silent tears, ceaseless
the wait for a miracle, endless
this journey to the self can be destructive too
and now I know the meaning of living without
another ‘you’

                                                      ~ Sanjhee Gianchandani

                                                   New Delhi, India

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