The Moon and I

In the green meadow by the lake,

the moon and I knit poetry of silk,

the language of the birds sleeps in the trees

like ripened fruits

your eyes are closed and faraway

the world rotates between two cherries and a kiss

stars rise over old memories of purple seas

like cherry buds

there was a glass of wine and an abyss

forgotten in the bloom of the first holy water

I tie your hands with ribbons made of dreams

I seal your chest with roses and with amber

oh, it’s midnight and I must leave

yet not before

on your shaved face

the moon and I

drop dew

and virgin violets

                                                                    ~ Gabriela M.

                                                                           United States


  1. Beautiful poem

  2. Stunning imagery in this wonderful poem.

  3. Good Lord, Gabriela!!! So very beautiful. Thank You and Cheers!!! :)

  4. Nice poem

  5. A fantastic poem indeed, Gabriela, I’m
    lost in your poem the whole night

  6. Wish u all the best

  7. Beautiful imagery: ‘the language of birds sleeps in the trees’. You have a light touch and a mind of clarity. Wonderful to read.

  8. Chakradhar Mohanta

    Angels don’t pass on
    They just shine brighter
    In a another realm
    So I will always
    Look out for her
    In the sky !

  9. Your lines…
    Like goblets of red wines…

  10. Beautiful

  11. Really lovely. Inspiring in times such as these!

  12. Beautiful, lovely…just, not enough! ♥♥

  13. A beautiful,heady mix of sight,sound and love

  14. Prashanta kar advocate kuchinda, dist.sambslpur odisha. India.

    Wao, my heart feels only your words. Thanks dear.

  15. It’s magical.❤️

  16. such a beautiful poem:)