Month: March 2020


Love Remains

The future holds many dreams and hopes, It may be lenient towards us, To what we dreamed of, We can be how we desired to be, Together, in each other’s arms, We can take a step forward, hand in hand, Always be there for each other, We can make all […]


The “Devi” of Indian Football

By Puneet Hooda From locking horns with boys during childhood to representing 1.2 billion people in Scotland, Bala Devi life has undergone drastic diversification. The 30 years old Manipur born has achieved which no other women footballer has achieved in the country. She becomes the first Indian female player to […]


Power of Silence

The quiet stillness of reality, I express without fear, my silence says it all I sit silent and hear nothing, I am far away from the world, Yet sometimes silence is stronger than words they say, There is nothing to explain, With my silence you can hear the thoughts I […]


Amore Mio

Accept me as I am, with my imperfections And see my weaknesses as my strength. Drown me with your affection that is deeper than the deepest sea. Excite me with your kindness uncountable as the stars in the cosmos. Thrill me with your overflowing patience that keeps no record of […]



The  journey  of  life  is  never  ever  smooth, It’s  going  to  have  so  many  ups  and  downs, Sometimes  we   get  a  garland  of  pretty  flowers, Sometimes  we  wear  tiara  of  a  thorny  crown. There  are  times  when  we  soar  high  and  fly, Times – when  we  prefer  to  travel  by  […]


In Exchange

You wish to shine, yet not ready to be refined by the rough edges of life, You wish to be heard, yet cannot self comprehend your words, You wish to be wise, yet you cherish your immaturities like a treasure, You want to be loved, yet find it hard to […]


Preparing Ourselves for Corona Virus

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal It seems the lucky stars of the national capital New Delhi are not smiling on it this year. First the riots that gripped the city in fear and panic few days ago and now the virus that arose from Wuhan, China which struck terror into […]


The Chaos Inside You

Time never heals anything, It makes the scar deep and dinge. They reiterate to obliviate the past, But, you’ll initially lack what you’ve lost. The memories that haunt you everyday, You severely strive to keep them at bay. Glimpses of failure preying on your mind A refuge is all you […]