Month: March 2020


An Ode to Humanity

A virus did not see the boundaries created by us All these boundaries, divisions, segregations are just superfluous It took one virus to remind us of the importance of health Which we seem to have forgotten in the rat race for power and wealth Immunity will not come from processed […]


Facts About Covid-19

By Akshay Kulkarni, Anusha Tembe, Anushka Bhate, Sanket Gavankar and Dr. Rashmi Kulkarni Introduction With the World Pandemic of COVID-19, the team of a few young members of GTF, along with a physician, decided to take upon themselves to research and write a short summary that may be of some […]


Momentous Night

Sky is bright and gay Night is bejeweled with enchanting stars Moon and its beauty crafted trenches Chirping crickets are pleasing to the ears Creating a loquacious night. As we stare in the vastness Memories reflected into our senses Awaken our souls till it cannot breath Longing for your love […]


Anarchism and the Anti-CAA protests in India

By Yanis Iqbal The political upheaval which India is currently experiencing is one among the many quasi-anarchist movements like the Occupy Wall Street movement, Alter-globalization movement, Arab Spring and the recent Algerian Hirak movement. The historical resemblance of the Anti-CAA protests to these quasi-anarchist movements is derived from the “horizontal […]


Just Divorced

Under  the  same  roof Living  Like  strangers Never  did  we  feel  that We  are  life  partners Lack  of  communications Conflict  of  emotions Sheer  endurance  test Life’s   complications Why  prolong  the  suffering Why  go  on  struggling Break  free  and  put  an  end To  this  situation  grueling Sure  we  hated  what  we  […]


Only You

I was a simple girl, so naive, With twinkling stars in eyes, Fantasizing a prince charming, Adonis look alike, also wise Inadvertently I stumbled upon you And lo ! There was a magic, I almost skipped a heart beat, for This scenario was so dramatic So dramatic that I couldn’t […]


Love is an Emotion

Love is the best emotion one can experience Romantic love empowers us, as we taste heaven Love is the soul of living, heartbeat of life, and helps us share our overflowing joy Love is like digging a well which removes layers of earth It makes a person happy, fresh, and […]


Pandemic to Pandemonium

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal It feels like an eerie silence has pervaded our lives and minds, ‘Janta Curfew’, the public lockdown has turned a city like Delhi into an eerily silent cemetery.  The coronavirus has literally locked the country indoors and there are fears that this daylong lockdown is […]